Kids 80s Costumes

The 80s might have been a decade that brought sweeping transformation to the Australian way of life, but sadly, it was also the decade that fashion forgot. Well known for it's out there outfits and silly shell-suits, you can know teach your children about the weird and wonderful decade with help from a Kids 80s costume from Smiffys. Known for it's crazy colours and over the top hairstyles, our outfits showcase the best (or worst) of 80s styles. Whether they want to dress up as fluorescent female in our Wild Child costume, or fancy reviving the hair rock phenomenon with our Rock star Glam costume, our range of kids 80s fancy dress is sure to have your children wondering how their parents ever looked so uncool! We also have a wide range of Neon accessories including Tutus and Legwarmers that are amazing for accessorising any outfit.

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